GL Troubridge

What´s Next?

Kidan and the Sorcoress

Something ancient and menacingly evil is breaking free from its prisons in the world called Chrystas.
Oshu knows it will take more than just great fighting skills to defeat the dreaded Ninchung and the evil warped creatures from hell that they have joined forces with.
Kidan sets out with her brother and some old friends on another incredible journey. They must help the Sorcoress Zahaara and her hand maiden Adia recover the pendant of Chrystas. With this pedant the sorcoress will become younger and more powerful than ever and hopefully send the creatures back where they belong.
Kidan and her group along with the new found strength of the Sorcoress, must face the creatures and the Ninchung to save their world.
Kidan must protect Zahaara at all costs, but the young girl wonders if the cost is too high.