GL Troubridge

True Karate Beginnings

Below is a quick tale of how karate came about. There are many different stories in history of the true beginnings of Karate, but this one is the teachings that Kidan believes in. No matter which story in history you choose to believe they all sum up to the same thing: Karate is an honour to learn, an honour to teach and must be used honourably. All those centuries ago when karate began in the fields of Okinawa, people gave their lives to protect their families and villages using this self taught hidden art. No honourable Sensei or karateka would ever show this sacrifice any disrespect by marring the great name of karate-do.


Centuries ago unrest was upon the East, Japan and China. A small Island was caught in the middle. The Island of Okinawa. This independant island was invaded and all its weapons were taken so to stop any resistance. This forced the Islanders to look for other ways to defend their families and livelyhood. Mainly farming people they started to adapt their tools, hands and feet into weapons and learnt to use them very effectively. All training was done in secret and it was a great honour to be excepted in to these training camps.
Today the "mother" of karate, Okinawa has thousands of training dojo and is the ideal pilgrimage for many karateka who wish to learn the art of karate from the great masters themselves.