GL Troubridge

Kidan and the Pendant of Isowana

Kidan is a 12 year old girl who has just won her first major Karate/weapons competition.
During her celebration party she has a strange visitor with a stranger story! Kidan discovers she is one of the last descendants of the Tisio family and must with the help of her own pendant, undertake a dangerous quest to retrieve the pendant of Isowana before the evil Ninchung can.
Leaving her younger brother and widowed mother behind she enters into another realm where the pendant lays hidden in the hope she can rescue her best freind who has been kidnapped and get to the pendant in time.
Kidan meets Drawflin, an odd man who quickly gains her trust and respect. With his help she journeys across his world meeting other strange beings and places and starts to learn the true history of her own world and many others.
Kidan has to stay one step ahead of her enemy at all times, who can appear from a puff of green smoke and has many close encounters with their minions.
She must struggle with her inner self and her karate teachings to stay honourable, but this challenge is no small accomplishment for a child who must learn to take her honourable art form and become an effective but hesitant killing machine to survive the journey.
Using all her skills will be the only thing to keep her alive.
Kidan is left wondering what the future brings, and if she will ever be able to piece together the truth of her fathers death years earlier.