GL Troubridge

October 2010
A money saving site that asked GL for her favourite money saving vegetarian receipe!
"Its a great fun receipe that is economical, healthy, fun to make and very tastey. I hope that other veggies and maybe meat eaters aswell will enjoy it."
GL Troubridge

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Talk Radio Europe

September 2010
Talk Radio Europe is one of the largest and well known radio stations in Spain, with listeners all over the globe.
Hannah Murray has interviewed some of the biggest stars and celebrities from around the world.

"It was great to be invited for a chat with Hannah, I really enjoyed it even though I was very nervous!"
GL Troubridge

The live interview with Hannah Murray and GL Troubridge is below.

More than Mushrooms!

More Than Mushrooms is a great new on line mag for veggies, and non veggies alike. Its packed full of helpful and sensible advise from long term and short term veggies. I was more than happy to have been interviewed about raising my children as veggies. The interview is below.
GL Troubridge

August 2010
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Check out the magazine in full by clicking the link below.